Leave the logistics to us and focus instead on tasting the food, meeting the locals, touching the sand, and discovering the essence of our exceptional Southern African destinations.

Destination Delights

Experience and be enchanted by Southern Africa, home to awe-inspiring natural wonders, life-changing cultural experiences, and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters. From Table Mountain and Victoria Falls to the Okavango Delta and tropical islands, each destination has incredible scenery and experiences that will stay with you long after you’ve brushed the dust from your boots or rinsed the sunscreen from your skin.


Switch off, slow down and leave the pace of the rest of the world at the airport the moment you arrive in Botswana. Glide past game on the wild waterways of the Okavango Delta and Chobe River or spot wildlife on the Makgadikgadi Pans and Savuti Plains, where nature reigns supreme and, aside from the lodges and safari vehicles, has remained unchanged for millennia.

Dominating this untamed land, massive creatures move about, instinctively following the ancient paths of their ancestors. Water levels ebb and flow, seasons change and life cycles on. It is here in Botswana, where civilisation is stripped away, that the natural order of things is so very evident.

What we love

Frontier territory – Botswana’s wild and remote landscape is impossible to beat. 

Conservation – Low-impact camps that leave a light footprint on the environment without skimping on comfort.

Contrasting ecosystems – The lushness of the Delta on one hand, and the arid desert landscape of the Kalahari on the other. Along with the incredible differentials in scenery comes the distinctive animals which are adapted to their specific environments.

Fence-free – Game traverses freely over vast tracts of land, allowing species to follow their inherent, ancient migration routes.

Authentic & genuine Bushmen experience – Meet the indigenous hunter-gatherer people who have lived in the region since before time itself. Get a glimpse of their simple, down-to-earth customs, traditions and ways adapted to life today.

Rock art – Historical, archaeological and culturally significant Bushman Rock Art sites, tell the stories of the indigenous people and depict non-human beings, hunters, and half-human half-animal hybrids.

Unusual activities – glide through the Delta in a Mokoro, a dugout canoe, 

Mobile safaris – Botswana is the land of the mobile safari: sleep-outs in tents, open-fire cook-outs, starry-night dining and close encounters with animals.The elephants – With over 130,000 elephants living within its boundaries, Botswana is home to the world’s largest elephant population.


The vast and varied landscapes of Namibia are home to breathtaking stark beauty and seemingly endless open spaces, from the red dunes and desiccated trees of Sossusvlei to the white-dust moonscapes of Etosha and the sand-meets-sea Skeleton coastline.

The views from behind the steering wheel as you drive or from above as you fly between Namibia’s must-see natural attractions are unlike anything else on earth.

What we love

Black Rhino – Namibia has the world’s largest population of black rhino which is managed through a custodianship programme with landowners and farmers.

Preserving the land – Namibia is the first African country to incorporate protection of the environment into its constitution, with over 44% of its land currently under some form of conservation management, including parks, private game reserves, and communal and commercial conservancies.

An Ancient Land – The Namib Desert, at 80 million years, is the oldest desert in the world. Sand Dunes Galore – Sossusvlei has some of the highest dunes in the world and the Namib Sea Sand is a natural World Heritage Site. 

Wild Cats – The largest free-roaming population of cheetahs (2000 to 3000) in the world.

A conservation success story – The only country with an expanding population of free-roaming lions and free-roaming black rhino population.The freedom to roam – Namibia is the second least densely populated country in the world, after Mongolia (2.5 people per km2).


A land of mighty rivers and abundant game, Zambia is one of Southern Africa’s wildest safari destinations. From the roar and spray of Victoria Falls to the wild banks of the Zambezi, Luangwa and Kafue Rivers, Zambia’s national parks are well known for large game in large numbers, exciting predator activity and close wildlife encounters, and deliver all three in floods

Discover the simple beauty of Zambia, where the tradition of walking safaris has become so deeply entrenched. Strike out along secluded trails, the remote open spaces and uninhabited wilderness offering a true sense of connection and peace.

What we love

The home of the walking safari – Zambia is renowned for its unforgettable experience, thanks to its superb guiding and remote, pristine setting.

Something unexplored – Offering ‘alternative experiences’, Zambia is ideal if you’re keen on  exploring lesser-known parks such as Kasanka (famed for its bats), Kafue and Liuwa.

Low-impact tourism – Careful, considered, sustainable eco-tourism and environmentally friendly camps – some built only for a season with the lightest possible footprint 

A wide range of activities – Game drives, walking safaris, canoeing and fishing.

Leopards galore – South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi are known for their excellent leopard sightings.

South Africa

Known for the world-famous city of Cape Town, the Cape Winelands, leading safari destinations, iconic mountains and vast coastline, South Africa’s diversity delights every sense, but there’s more to this destination than jaw-dropping scenery. Unforgettable cultural experiences, colourful history, world-renowned restaurants, and adventurous activities make South Africa the continent’s premier tourism attraction, year after year.

We can’t even pretend we aren’t biased. South Africa is home and we love it. We love it for its stunning landscape, rich local history and cultures, resilient people and wild inhabitants (of the animal variety). South Africa offers incredible value as a tourist destination and year-round suitability. The sheer scope of the country means you could be sipping sundowners at a cool roof-top bar in trendy Cape Town, and a day later you’re surrounded by nothing but bush and sky, the silence broken by the roar of an apex predator.

Soak up the sun on a bike ride through artsy, urban districts, or wrap up warmly for sumptuous dinners under eternal starry skies. Pass through townships or humble rural areas where the courageous human spirit has risen above the uncompromising challenges of past and poverty.

What we love

It’s easy to get around – The comprehensive infrastructure allows for road transfers, self-driving and flying. This means you can experience so much more of the country. This is road-tripping heaven and a great self-drive destination!

Superb food & wine – Traditional local flavours from our melting pot of cultures, world-class gourmet cuisine and superb home-grown wines.

The human element – Warm, welcoming smiles and locals eager to engage will leave you with a deep understanding and appreciation of the places you’ll visit.

The history – Our fascinating history is revealed in some off-beat ways. We have the old monuments and tourist hotspots, but we also like to mix it up by telling stories over Urban or Rock Art, or getting the “real deal” directly from those who lived through past experiences. Our history is a mix of colonial, cultural and political – just to keep things interesting.

Exceptional game viewing – We boast a number of the world’s top game reserves and extensive tracts of land, home to unique animals, birds, plants and insects. Each protected biosphere may be home to creatures not seen elsewhere, and endangered species unique to the region. Desert-adapted species inhabit the drier central parts of the country and massive whales, dolphins, seals and penguins wallow just offshore, or sun themselves on sandy beaches. Plains game dot the grasslands, and larger mammals move between wooded areas and open spaces.

Family-friendly – There is so much for the little ones to do. Wide-open spaces, enjoyable activities, and a climate conducive to the outdoors ensure great fun and excellent family bonding time. Perfect for repeat visits – there’s always something new to discover and plenty of nooks & crannies, which you might not have experienced on your previous visit – from breath-taking landscapes to a completely different game experience and authentic local interactions.

Cosmopolitan cities – We are proud of our hip and happening vibe.


Experience Zimbabwe’s beautiful bushveld, awe-inspiring natural wonders, and friendly politeness of her people from the Limpopo River in the south to the Zambezi’s banks in the north and every town, lake and national park in between. Famous for wild adventures, houseboat cruises, fishing, birding and iconic landmarks, a visit to this Southern African country is well-rewarded.

Smiles as bright and wide as the majestic sunsets, laughter which echoes the thunder of the Falls, and a song which harmonises with the sounds of the wild. This is Zimbabwe, a place with a soul as pure and unfathomable as the animals which inhabit its beautiful terrain.

What we love

Diversity of scenery – All within relatively close proximity, you don’t have massive distances to traverse to move from one unique setting to the next, be that; Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, Hwange or Mana Pools

Exceptional guiding – Safari and tours delivered by expert guides, offer a fascinating and in-depth discovery and understanding of the land, which means so much more than just seeing what’s on the surface.

The people – Zimbabweans have an inherent genuineness and natural warmth that will stay with you, long after you’ve left. 

Colonial and cultural history – Fascinating ruins of archaeological significance.

Astounding mountain beauty – The mountainous Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe is a breath-taking territory of stunning views, alpine forests, trout rivers, waterfalls and lush floral fields.

Activity-driven – Zimbabwe offers so much in the way of activities: cruises, cycling, community visits, adventure & high-adrenalin. The town of Victoria Falls is renowned as an adrenalin activity destination offering bungy jumping, white water rafting, zip-lining and kayaking.

Off the beaten track – if you’re looking for something a little less commercial, this is for you! Head for Chilo and Mana Pools and find your pocket of paradise.


The turquoise blue waters along the Mozambican coastline and postcard-paradise islands are a wonderland for unforgettable water activities. Swim with whale sharks, scuba dive on the colourful coral reefs, set sail on a sunset dhow cruise and try your hand at deep-sea fishing, or lounge lazily on tropical white beaches after fresh seafood feasts.

Warm seas, sun-kissed beaches and big skies. Welcome to Mozambique, a laid-back paradise, where exotic flavours blend with the sound of the surf, and the outdoors beckons.

What we love

Island appeal – Mozambique has a charmingly laid-back island vibe. It’s not a resort as such, it’s more a destination to soak up the sun, sea and pristine beauty of the region. Take full advantage of the chance to relax, or make the most of the fun activities by exploring and discovering this fascinating place.

Pristine coastline – This is Africa’s longest stretch of Indian Ocean coastline, with 2600 kms of sandy beaches.

Meet the Locals –  Mozambique boasts vibrant local bars and markets – it’s full of life, bright and colourful.

Ilha de MozambiqueA UNESCO World Heritage site, The Island of Mozambique (Ilha de Moçambique) has over 500 years of history etched in its streets and walls. 

Dive sites – Unspoilt coral reefs, abundant marine animals, marine sanctuaries and warm waters make this a top diving destination.

Rare and elusive marine creatures – Including dugongs and whale sharks.

Arabian, East African influence and history – Traditional dhow sailing boats, architecture and décor that has a strong Arabian flavour. History includes Portuguese, colonial history and dates back to the Arabian slave traders.

Easy add-on – Mozambique combines well with South Africa and is the ideal add-on for a post-safari, beach extension.

South Africa Awaits

All that’s left to do is choose where to explore first! Have a look at our once-in-a-lifetime luxury trips, curated to showcase the best each destination has to offer or speak to one of our expert consultants to book your bespoke Southern African holiday tailored to you.

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