Creating a positive impact through your trip

Creating a positive impact through your trip

Home to some of the world’s greenest destinations, the African continent has put sustainable travel front and centre for years. Sustainability initiatives are in place at many of our handpicked properties and our tours and experiences, aim to inspire and offer meaningful cultural connections with the people and places you’ll encounter along your Scintilla journey.



We encourage mindful, responsible travel which respects the environment, and our desire is that your Scintilla experience is uplifting and enriching and leaves a light and positive footprint. We are firm believers that the impact of your trip should be mutually rewarding, benefitting you as the traveller as well as the people and places you choose to interact with. Your cultural interactions with our local partners on the ground, will offer an insight and understanding into different ways of life and offer a better understanding and appreciation of the history and importance of these communities.

Walk the Bo Kaap with a Local
Knysna Community Upliftment Tour
My Beautiful Home – Bicycle Ride
KwaZulu-Natal rhino


Wildlife encounters in some of the most natural and pristine habitats and observing the crucial conservation work in action in Southern Africa, will bring to life, the importance of our precious ecosystems and most vulnerable resources. You can choose to experience the thrill of tracking rare desert-adapted elephants or spend time on an active and educational safari, for backstage access to rhino conservation activities where participation is key, and all while contributing to the survival and conservation of these incredible creatures.

Marataba Conservation Camps
Desert Wanderers – an intrepid 4×4 guided adventure with a Naturalist Guide
Jacks Camp - Details 4


Sustainability is woven into the fabric of everything we do – from the conservation levies (charged by many safari lodges) that go straight back into conservation efforts and the local communities, to supporting small businesses with specific areas of expertise such as cultural activities in remote and rural areas. Eco-conscious choices also abound, and many of our partner properties are either partially or fully off the grid or have initiatives to lower their impact on the environments in which they operate.

Elephant Art Safari
Camp Maru
Tembo Plains Camps

Our Impact

The breath-taking natural beauty and diverse cultures aside, South Africa suffers acute social challenges and by simply choosing to travel to this region, you will be making an immensely beneficial impact to the local communities and the many lives of those who are employed at the various hotels and lodges you choose to stay. Over 1.5 million people are employed either directly or indirectly in South Africa’s tourism sector and it is estimated that one person in tourism, supports up to another 10 – that’s an enormously positive impact, on the wider communities supported by tourism.

Uthando (Love) South Africa is an award-winning Fair Trade in Tourism certified non- profit organization that creates a unique link between responsible tourism and community development projects. Many South African citizens live in extreme poverty and face daily struggles to survive, and Uthando is committed to supporting a fantastic collection of independent, well-managed community development projects and charitable organizations. As a committed Uthando partner, Scintilla fully supports this powerful cause and actively contributes to Uthando’s immensely important, culturally sensitive philanthropic tours. These transformative touring experiences offer meaningful, authentic, engaging, respectful visits to a broad range of inspiring community projects – and all the while, bringing enormous benefits to the local communities. Non-voyeuristic and innovative, these project visits, shine a light on the remarkable and courageous community activists driving social change and showcase the positive, impactful, and very often untold stories of triumph over adversity in South Africa.

For every booking you confirm with Scintilla, R250 goes directly to the Uthando Foundation. Taking part in an Uthando philanthropic excursion allows you to connect with the very projects and communities that you support.


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